Computer Recycling

E-waste is a rapidly growing concern in our high-tech world. Modern electronics are made with a host of heavy metals and synthetic materials which do not break down safely in a landfill. And while people give a lot of thought to features and price when they buy a new device, it's not often that even the savviest shoppers consider where these complex devices will ultimately go when they're not needed any more.

That's where the Hackery comes in. We believe the solution to this global problem starts at the local level. Since 2008 we have been accepting unwanted computers and related equipment at our East Vancouver facility to ensure their end of life is an environmentally responsible one.

I never want to see my old laptop/monitor/printer/etc again. Can you take it?

Yes! The Hackery accepts any computer or peripheral for recycling, in any quantity or condition, free of charge! We can also accept most forms of office equipment. And the very oldest computers might even find a home in our modest museum. Please see the full list of items we accept for details.

Can you erase my data?

Yes! Working hard drives are thoroughly erased before being re-used. Older and faulty drives are physically destroyed. There is no charge for our standard level of data destruction. We can also provide a certificate of data destruction for you or your company at competitive rates. Please contact us for pricing.

What happens to my old computer equipment?

Recycled items are first checked for useful components. After all, the best kind of recycling is re-use. Your donations of older equipment allow us to help customers with low income, modest requirements, or custom-made industrial machinery after the big companies have stopped providing support. Equipment which is too old or broken for re-use is then sorted by material and sent on to the appropriate facility for final processing.

Where does the scrap go?

Our scrap stays as close to its source as possible. We work with local recyclers first, and we do not ship e-waste overseas or to the third world. Whole computers, circuit boards, plastics and related e-waste materials are exclusively sent to downstream recyclers who are either certified E-Stewards, or who are part of the provincial recycling program. Wires and clean metals go to North Star Recycling. Cell phones and loose batteries are smelted via the Call2Recycle Program. Please contact us if you require more details about our downstream recyclers.

Can you pick up my unwanted items?

Yes! In addition to accepting drop-offs at our East Van facility, we also pick up E-Waste in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Large pickups within our service area are free. Small pickups of a few items, or pickups at locations outside of Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby may be subject to a charge. Simply fill out the pickup request form and we will confirm the date and whether any charges apply.

Large businesses and building managers are encouraged to set up recurring pickups. Please contact us for details.

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